Save Strokes with an Attitude Tune-Up

If your score isn’t as low as you’d like, then you need to consider how your attitude might be holding you back. When your thoughts and conversations are centered on your struggles, swing glitches and miss hits, you will tend to produce more poor shots, especially under pressure.

The top golfers in the world know that in order to give themselves the best opportunity to be successful, they must cultivate a winner’s attitude. That means keeping their thoughts, words, images and expectations locked onto their best work, their past successes, and greatest assets in the game — especially when things aren’t working.

Pay attention to whether your thoughts are centered around the strengths or deficits in your game. Just like mastering your swing, it takes consistent effort to develop and maintain a winner’s attitude.

To learn more about how mental game coaching can transform your game, contact Dr. Shannon Reece at 239-431-6810.

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