Tip from the Pro – Pace of Play

Pace of play is very important at Tiburón Golf Club. It ensures a fun and enjoyable round for all golfers in your group and for those playing behind you! Learning how to share a golf cart is very important with your golf partner.

Drop your partner off at his or her golf ball and proceed to yours to hit your shot. Your partner can walk back to the cart after they hit. If your balls are relatively close in position, drive the golf cart in between both golf balls and then both of you proceed to your balls at the same time. Bring putters or other wedges to the green if need be for your partner so you do not have to walk back and forth from the green to the cart.

Once you are on the green, be aware of who is away and first to putt. As he or she putts all other players in the group should be reading their putts and starting their routines so they are ready to putt when it is their turn. Follow these simple rules and make the game more enjoyable for all!

Tiburón Golf Club has a 4 hour and 15 minute pace of play. Keep up with the group ahead of you and play ready golf!

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